Brian Fortune

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Height: 5' 8"

Principal Age Range: 50 - 60

Build: Average

Hair: Grey/Black

Eyes: Green

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A season Irish actor Brian plays the supporting roles of 'Detective Jacobs' in Twelve Media's Oscar nominated short film "DETAINMENT" and 'Head Board Member' in Voltage Films Feature Film "THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN" which stars Mel Gibson, Seán Penn, Natalie Dormer and James Coogan.

He starred in the recurring role of 'Othell Yarwyck' in Seasons 1, 4, 5 and 6 of HBO's "GAME OF THRONES" series.

Other screen credits include the co-lead role of 'Seamus' in Robert Higgins and Paddy McGivney's short "ANGELS GUARD THEE", the role of 'Frank' in Five Knights Films feature film "CAPER" directed by Brian O'Neill, 'Terry' in Whim Productions' Feature Film "SOULSMITH", 'Mannix' in Kevin Cahill's Short Film "MORE THAN GOD", 'Frank Carter' in Blackhorse Productions Feature Film "A SPIDER TRAP", 'Tom Nolan' in Mixed Bag Media's Film "A NIGHTINGALE FALLING", 'Larry 'The Mangler' Doyle' in the Irish rom-com Feature "HOW TO BE HAPPY", and 'PC Harry Stubbs' in Ecosse & Octagon Films Television Drama "LIFE OF CRIME" for BBC Television.

Accents & Skills

Accents: Native Irish - Dublin, Northern Irish and English- RP, Standard London, English Northern, Scottish, Eastern European, American

Skills: Full Driving Licence, Horse Riding (Basic)

Interests: Swimming, Fishing, Football, Golf




Ongoing Acting Workshops

Actors Society / The Lab, Dublin 1

Screen Acting and Audition Workshop Nov 2011

Mary Maguire / Agency Specific

Acting For Camera

Terry McMahon / The Lab, Dublin 1

Script Work

Patrick J Byrnes

From Page to Stage

Lynn Fullerton / Gaiety School Of Acting

Intensive Acting for Camera

Declan Recks / Betty Anne Norton

Introduction / Advanced / Masterclass

John Cantwell / Irish Film Actors Studio





Production Company

Angels Guard Thee (Short Film)


Robert Higgins & Paddy McGivney's


The Professor and The Madman (Feature Film)

Head Board Member

Farhad Safinia

Christchurch Prods DAC

Detainment (Docu-drama)

Detective Jacobs

Vincent Lambe

Twelve Media

Soulsmith (Feature Film)


Kevin Henry

Whim Productions

Game of Thrones - Seasons 1,4, 5 & 6 (Television)




The Secret Scripture (Feature Film)

Psychiatric Analyst

Jim Sheridan

Ferndale Films / MGR Films

Vikings - Season 3 (Television)

Injured Noble

John Bartley

Octagon Films and Take 5 Productions

A Nightingale Falling (Feature Film)

Tom Nolan

Garret Daly

Brown Bag Media

More than God (Short Film)


Kev Cahill

EvilOliveE Films

How To Be Happy (Feature Film)

Larry Doyle

Mark Gaster


The Handsome Shadows (Short Film)


Mark Cogan

Medicine Hat Films

Dog Eat Dog (Short Film)

Mr. Brannigan

Gavin McDonnell

McDonnell B Films

Life Of Crime (ITV Television)

PC Harry Stubbs

Jim Loach

Eccosse & Octagon Films

Cold (Feature Film)

John Maguire

Eoin Macken

Blank Canvas Pictures

The Exorsism Diaries (Feature Film)

Fr. Kevin Byrne

Eric Courtney

Frame It Productions

Model Hunger (Feature Film)


Debbie Rochon

Morgue Art Films

I Can't See You Anymore (Short Film)

Doctor Thompson

Michael Kinirons

Blinder Films

Partly Cloudy (Short Film)


Mark Cogan

Medicine Hat Films

Cuckoo (RTE Storyland 4 2012)

Brendan Keegan

Danann Breathnach

Zanzibar Films

Before We Awake (Short Film)


Frank Reid

Stitch Films

Derelict (Feature Film)


Frank Kelly

Pale Stone Productions

Wrath Of The Crows (Feature Film)


Ivan Zuccon

Studio Interzona

Johnny Boy (IFB Short Film)


Laura Way

Stitch Films

A Christmas Carol (Feature Film)


Jason Figgis

October 11 Pictures

Gemma? (Short Film/Best Actor Award)

Tom Butler

Kevin O'Neill

Savage Films

Games of Thrones Season1 (Television)

Senior Night Watch Officer

Dan Minihan


Voices (Short Film)


Cathal Nally

Barbershop Triplet Prods

Tree Keeper (Feature Film)

Doire's Father

Paddy O'Shea

Soutern Man Films

As The Light Leaks In (IFB Short Film)


Shirley Weir

Stitch Films

Seachtar Na Casca (Television Series)

Cathal Brugha

Daithi Keane

Abu Media For TG4

Shackled (Feature Film)

Jim McDonald

Dave McCabe

Squid Media

Opus K (Feature Film)

Detective Wilson

Eamonn Gray

Tryptch Productions

Maru (Television)

Patrick Darcy

John Carlin

Stirling Productions

3 Crosses (Feature Film)

Fight Trainer

Jason Figgis

October 11 Pictures

2.5 Billion (IFB Short Film)


Jamie Hannigan

Stitch Films

The BeeKeepers Son (RTE Short Film)

Unnamed Lead

Jamie Hannigan

RTE Filmbase

Joy (Short Film)

Unnamed Lead

Shirley Weir

Stitch Films

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