Kendal Kennedy

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Height: 5' 4" (162cm)

Principal Age Range: 20 - 25

Build: Slim

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue/Green

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Kendal is a US-born Dublin-based actor.

Film credits include 'Lisa' in "Pappy" directed by Zahara Moufid for Hells Kitchen Productions, 'Meghan' in Ray Hyland's short "4 Ex Players" and 'Enid' in Dann Oritz-Osteinssen's feature "The Tritonne Harmonies." Her past television credits include 'Meghan' in " North Platte" a multi-cam sitcom pilot co-directed by Ellen Gittelsohn (Friends) and with Emmy award winning producer Russ Woody (The Middle).

She has a BA in Musical Theatre from UCLA and finished her MA in Theatre at The Gaiety and UCD. Early August saw her play 'Grace' in "THE NEW IRISH PLAYBOOK" at the Manchester and Camden Fringe Festival.

Theatre credits also include "CLOSE" by Nathan Allen and her own show "THE DRESS" which both ran in Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre.

Watch Kendal perform in a duologue here:

Accents & Skills

Accents: American (Native)

Skills: APC Intermediate Group Fighting, APC Intermediate Unarmed, Clown, Comedy Improv, Commedia Dell'Arte

Interests: Theatre, Dance, Gymnastics, Fitness, Yoga, Pilates

Music & Dance: Strong all-round singer, Ballet*, Choreography, Contemporary Dance*, Lyrical Dance*, Mezzo-Soprano, Modern Dance, Swing Dance, Tap, Zumba

Sports: Gymnastics*, Trampoline*, Horse-riding, Karate, Swimming

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