Fionn Foley cast in Smock Alley's Christmas Show "The Grimm Tale of Cinderella" written by Katie McCann and directed by Jeda de Brí, runs from December 4th to 23rd inc..

Every story has a beginning, just not always the one you expect…..

Based on the popular world folklore tale.
Written by Katie McCann (Cirque des Reves)

Lost, tired and out of their depth, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm seek shelter in the woods from a bitter storm. Unknown to them they are not the only ones seeking shelter and a chance encounter with a strange Old Woman is about to change their fate.

Trapped for the evening together the brothers begin to share with the woman the stories they have gathered on their travels. Stories they believe will make them bestsellers and famous the world over.

But the Old Woman too has a tale to tell, about a girl named Ella, her cruel stepmother, a handsome prince and the night that would change her life forever. However this is not the story the brothers expect. No, no this is the real story of the girl who became known as Cinderella…

4 – 23 Dec @ 7pm | Main Space
Matinees on Saturdays + Sundays @ 2pm
Christmas Week Matinees ~ Thu 21 + Fri 22 Dec @ 2pm

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