Denise McCormack and Thommas Kane Byrne cast in Tracy Martin's new play "Dublin Will Show You How" which runs in THE COMPLEX in Smithfield from April 9th to 13th inc..

A new play by Tracy Martin about the lived experiences of women immersed in the culture of gangland crime.

"Dublin Will Show You How" is a provocative play that offers a gut-wrenching glimpse into the intimidation and isolation of women living in the culture of coercion and crime. It speaks of oppression and ultimately women’s ostracisation, where you cannot leave your home for fear of hearing or seeing something you shouldn’t, or being implicated in somebody else’s business. It is based in the north inner city of Dublin but it is about women everywhere and their survival.

“Fifteen off ‘tricity. Fifteen off the gas. Ten euro off the uniform … twenty for the weed. Eighteen euro for the blues. No, fuck that – ‘tricity can wait, so can the gas and I’ll just have to explain in the school.”

"Dublin Will Show You How" is based on a concept by Vanessa Fielding, Artistic Director of The Complex, and inspired by workshops with women from the north inner city of Dublin as part of the Browbeating Project, a collaboration between the Abbey Theatre and The Complex.

Supported by Dublin City Council, the Arts Council of Ireland, North West Inner City Partnership, the SAOL Project, the Snug Counselling Service, High Hopes Choir and the National Women’s Council of Ireland.



This production will first run at the Abbey Theatre and will then move to The Complex.

4 – 6 April at the Abbey Theatre

9 – 13 April at The Complex, 21-25 Arran St East, Dublin 7

Cast: Thommas Kane Byrne
Cast: Liz Fitzgibbon
Cast: Luke Griffin
Cast: Denise McCormack
Cast: Lacy Moore
Cast: Leah Moore
Cast: David O'Meara
Writer: Tracy Martin
Director: Vanessa Fielding
Producer: Vanessa Fielding
Producer: Phil Kingston
Set and Costume Designer: Sarah Jane Foley
Audiovisual and Lighting Designer: Conleth White
Sound Designer: Vincent Doherty
Production Manager: Stephen Bourke
Voice Director: Andrea Ainsworth

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