Fiach Kunz is performing in Mark McAuley's play "A FEAR AND LOATHING ACTOR IN DUBLIN" at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival until August 26th....

"A FEAR AND LOATHING ACTOR IN DUBLIN" will run daily at 15:45 in the main space in C Cubed / C Venues at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 14th to 26th inc.

This is fast-paced, high-energy physical theatre, that features Shakespeare monologues re-imagined. We follow struggling actor Vinny and his demons as he tries to balance his acting dreams with the growing demands of real life. He's just discovered he's to be a dad. Will he follow his passion, or get a real job? An honest examination of what it means to be an artist in the 21st Century, exploring one's existential battle with art and commerce.

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