Michael Judd is cast in Jack Harte's play "KILLING GRANDAD" which will run nightly at 7.30pm in The New Theatre in Dublin's Templebar from March 3rd to 14th inc.

Playwright, novelist and short story writer Jack Harte’s third play, Killing Grandad, starring Michael Judd and Kevin McMahon, directed by Gerard Lee will premiere at The New Theatre, Dublin from 3rd to 14th March 2020.

The battle between good and evil, heroes and villains, is as old as time, as modern as ‘Star Wars’. Hector fought Achilles at the battle of Troy, just as Darth Vader takes on Luke Skywalker.

Killing Grandad brings to life such a duel in Irish Mythology between the legendary Balor of the Evil Eye and the young upstart, Lugh. The scene is set for the mother of all struggles when Lugh leads his army forward for the Battle of Moytura, assured that his destiny is to kill Balor.

As the mythical confrontation unfolds, we realise that these characters, with their preoccupations and ambitions, are not just ghosts from some ancient time but are very real and powerfully resonant in our modern world - of course the modern perspective is ironic and humorous.

Jack Harte made his debut as a playwright in 2015 with the highly acclaimed Language of the Mute (The New Theatre and national tour). This was followed by The Mysterious History of Things, which played to capacity audiences, at The Viking Theatre. His short play, Lugh and Balor, performed in Greek translation at the Ancient Amphitheatre of Maroneia in 2016 has been the inspiration for Killing Grandad.

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