Densie McCormack is cast to play 'Anita' in a development showcase of TKB's new play "REARING IS SPARING" which will run in axis Ballymun..

axis Ballymun is delighted to commission and present an in-development showing of TKB's new play.

“If you’re rearing a child of your own, be sparing with your judgment. No one sends their child out to do a bad turn. Rearing is Sparing.”

Meet Maria and Anita. They’re not defending what he done. They’re not denying what he done. They’re not proud of what he done. But they stand here before you, to talk about their sons.

Supported by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

Runs in Axis Ballymun @ 8pm from Oct 1st to 3rd inc.

Written by TKB

Directed by Mark O'Brien

Cast: Denise McCormack, Karen Ardiff

Dramaturgy: Laura Honan

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