Charlie Kranz, Fiach Kunz and Adam Devereux cast in "THE TITANS THAT BUILT AMERICA" a miniseries docudrama for the History Channel which will air on May 31st..

“The Titans That Built America”

Airs three consecutive nights beginning Monday, May 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
“The Titans That Built America” is a three-night miniseries event that chronicles the incredible rise and fierce rivalries of industrial heavy hitters William Boeing, Walter Chrysler, JP Morgan Jr, and Pierre Du Pont. The ruthless, innovative and cunning titans battled each other — and FDR — to create entirely new industries at a time when the country was in absolute peril. The Great Depression ravaged not only the economy, but also the American way of life. Out of that rubble, this new age of robber barons emerges to once again help lift America to new heights. From revolutionizing the automobile and erecting monuments and skyscrapers, to conquering human flight and fueling the American victory in World War II, they show that fortune favors the bold and together they not only resurrect the nation in a time of need, but ultimately band together to help defeat our country’s greatest enemy.

“The Titans That Built America” is produced for The History Channel by Stephen David Entertainment, a Banijay Group Company. Stephen David, Tim Kelly and Joey Allen serve as executive producers for Stephen David Entertainment. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson serve as executive producers for Appian Way Productions. Phillip Watson serves as co-executive producer. Eli Lehrer, Mary E. Donahue and Zachary Behr are executive producers for The History Channel.

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